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Planting a Million Oak Trees in Erbil: A Green Initiative in Progress

Erbil is embarking on an ambitious plan to plant one million oak trees within the next five years, with an impressive 300,000 trees already planted. This ongoing project is dedicated to enhancing the lush greenery lining the 120 Metre Road that encircles the city. Notably, these trees will receive nourishment from treated water sourced from the neighboring communities.

Overseeing this noble endeavor is the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism, committed to combating climate change and enhancing the air quality of Erbil.

These resilient oak tree seeds are sourced from the mountains of the Kurdistan Region, before undergoing rigorous scientific planting techniques and meticulous supervision to thrive in extreme weather conditions.

Oak trees are nature's air and soil purifiers, thanks to their extensive root systems. Additionally, they provide vital sustenance for birds, contributing to their population recovery. Remarkably, many oak tree species boast lifespans spanning from 500 to 2,000 years.

The Kurdistan Regional Government is dedicated to preserving the environment and combating climate change.

Department of Media and Information