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Khans Dam: A Reservoir Holding 7 Million Cubic Meters of Water

Khans Dam, a recent addition to the dams of the Kurdistan Region, was built during the ninth cabinet term in Shekhan District, Duhok Governorate. This Earth-Filled (terrain) dam ranks as the second-largest in Duhok, with a project cost exceeding IQD 9 billion dinars.

Sardar Yahya, the Mayor of Shekhan District, emphasised the dam's strategic significance, serving as a vital agricultural project that irrigates 12 villages along its path. Moreover, communities in Atrush, Qasrok, and Shekhan districts are poised to benefit from this endeavor, which will also bolster groundwater levels.

Beyond its agricultural contributions, Khans Dam plays a pivotal role in the tourism sector. Local resident Kamaran Mohammed noted that it holds great importance for Shekhan and its environs, drawing visitors from Erbil and Mosul who come to relish the dam's scenic beauty.

The Kurdistan Regional Government's ninth cabinet has placed great importance on dam and pond projects, reaffirming its commitment to preserving water resources and fostering growth in the agriculture and tourism sectors.

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