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Kurdistan Region Boosts Water Resources with 13 New Dams

The ninth cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has made significant strides in enhancing water availability across the region. Their primary focus has been the construction of dams and reservoirs, with the completion of four dams and ongoing work on 13 additional ones. The combined cost of these projects exceeds 553 billion Iraqi dinars (IQD).

Abdulrahman Khani, the Director General of Dams in the Kurdistan Region, revealed in an interview with the Media and Information Department that the region currently boasts 21 dams, including Dukan and Darbandikhan, which are utilised for electricity generation. The directorate aims to equip all newly constructed dams, such as Bawanur and Mandawa, with electricity generating hydropower plants.


Completed Dam Projects:

Eighteen dams have already been successfully completed in Erbil, Slemani, Duhok, and Garmian. These dams collectively offer a storage capacity of 80.756 million cubic meters of water. In Erbil, five dams have been completed (Jali, Degala, Hamamok, Kudala, and Chamrga); Slemani boasts four dams (Shewasor, Hashazin, Chami Smor, and Dewana); Duhok has two dams (Bedohy and Khanas); and Garmian features seven dams (Bawa-shaswar, Hassan Kanosh, Horaw, Qadir Karam, Awa-Spi, and Turajar). These dams are fully operational, with 14 of them costing IQD 108 billion, and the remaining four amounting to IQD 21 million.


Dams Constructed by the Ninth Cabinet:

Among the 18 completed dams, the ninth cabinet was responsible for the construction of four: Chamrga in Erbil, Dewana in Slemani, Khanas in Duhok, and Turajar in Garmian. These projects, totalling IQD 45 billion, contribute a storage capacity of 29.1 million cubic meters of water.


Ongoing Dam Projects:

The KRG's ninth cabinet, upon securing funding from previous cabinets, initiated the construction of 13 dams across the region, which are now nearing completion. Once finished, these dams will increase the Kurdistan Region's water supply by a substantial 269 million cubic meters. Mr. Khani emphasised that the goal is to have "at least four dams fully operational for water storage by the end of this year." These 13 dams, distributed as four in Erbil, three in Slemani, two in Duhok, two in Garmian, and three in Kurdistani areas outside the region, represent an investment of IQD 553 billion.


Designing for the Future:

The ninth cabinet has allocated IQD 21 billion for the design and surveying of 41 dams, along with $645,000 (USD) for the design of an additional six dams. These investments pave the way for future infrastructure development and water resource management.


Dams: A Multifaceted Engineering Triumph:

Dam construction stands as one of humanity's most remarkable engineering achievements, serving diverse purposes such as agricultural irrigation, potable water supply, electricity generation, industrial applications, and tourism development. These projects play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall quality of life in the Kurdistan Region.


Department of Media and Information