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KRG Spokesperson Addresses Discrepancies in Federal Budget

According to the Federal Budget Law tables of 2023, the Kurdistan Region's annual allocation is 16.498 trillion Iraqi dinars (IQD), or
IQD 1.375 trillion per month. From this, IQD 906 billion is for the salaries of the region’s public sector employees. Yet, since 01/01/2023, the Iraqi Finance Ministry has only transferred IQD 2.598 trillion to the Kurdistan Region, with IQD 400 billion of that pertaining to November and December of the 2022 fiscal year. Based on the Federal Budget, by August 2023, the Kurdistan Region should have received IQD 11 trillion.

From 01.01.2023, the rest of Iraq received public sector salaries on schedule. However, the Iraqi government introduced the Actual Expenditure Mechanism for the Kurdistan Region, treating salaries as loans. This approach, not applied elsewhere in Iraq, contrasts with the fair and rightful disbursement of salaries throughout the country.

The most recent sum the Iraqi government plans to send to the Kurdistan Region is IQD 500 billion, labelled as a loan. Together with the Kurdistan Region's local revenues of IQD 320 billion, the total still falls short of the region's monthly share of IQD 1.375 trillion.

Regarding oil revenues, the Kurdistan Region halted external oil exports in March 2023. But since 25/06/2023, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil has been receiving 85,000 bpd from Kurdistan for local use. Despite this cooperation, the Iraqi government has not met its obligations concerning the expenses associated with the received oil.

On the topic of non-oil revenues, the KRG consistently provides transparent data to Iraq’s Ministry of Finance. Yet, the federal Ministry of Finance has consistently allocated less than the Kurdistan Region's rightful share, in violation of the constitution and standing laws.

In conclusion, there is no valid reason for the delay in the salaries of the KRG's public sector employees. The Kurdistan Region should receive the same treatment as the rest of Iraq. Contrary to statements from the Iraqi Government’s Spokesperson, Kurdistan's public sector employees have received only a portion of their rightful salaries, and they have not received their rightful salaries in recent months. The KRG has met its obligations, yet faces unjust penalties. The Iraqi government spokesperson's call to uphold the constitution and agreements is echoed by the KRG, raising the question of who has truly violated these agreements and laws.

Peshawa Hawrami
Kurdistan Regional Government’s