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The Kurdistan Regional Government Commits to Building More Ponds

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is placing a strong emphasis on the construction of water ponds as part of its strategic efforts to increase surface water resources and protect vital underground water sources.

Under the leadership of the KRG's Ninth Cabinet, an impressive milestone of 110 ponds has already been achieved, serving a critical role in agriculture and fish farming. Currently, an additional 40 ponds are under construction, and the government has ambitious plans to build 71 more in the near future.

Recognising the unique needs of different areas within the Kurdistan Region, the KRG has strategically constructed 36 ponds in Erbil Governorate, 57 in Duhok Governorate due to its favorable geography, and 17 in Sulaimani Governorate and Garmian.

This ongoing commitment to expanding pond infrastructure not only enhances the agricultural sector and aquaculture but also contributes to the development of tourism and the industrial sector. Furthermore, it safeguards underground water resources for future generations.

The KRG's Ninth Cabinet remains steadfast in its dedication to pond construction, ensuring a prosperous future for the Kurdistan Region.

Department of Media and Information