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KRG’s Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani discussed a set of issues and developments with the British Ambassador to Baghdad

The DPM declared that Iraq and the KRI are not only subject to various political and administrative strains, but they continue to face significant risks posed by Daesh.

Talabani’s declaration was announced on July 17th, 2019, during a meeting with the British Ambassador H.E. Jon Wilks and the British Consul General to Erbil, James Throntone. The British Ambassador congratulated Talabani on the formation of a new KRG cabinet as well as Talabani’s reelection to the cabinet.

The Ambassador has also expressed his country’s continued support for the KRG and congratulated the government for sending a senior delegation to Baghdad after cabinet elections; a crucial first step towards improved relations between the two governments.

The DPM thanked the Ambassador for the Kingdom’s support to the region, praising KRG for shedding light on essential steps for future cooperation between Iraqi Kurdistan and the United Kingdom and the reinforcement of existing relations.

Upon scrutinizing the challenges faced by Iraq and the KRI, Talabani declared that Iraq and the KRI are not only subject to similar political and administrative strains, but continue to face security risks posed by Daesh that should be presently and effectively tackled.

Talabani and the British Ambassador and Consul have also discussed KRG’s reform plan to improve service provisions.