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Deputy Prime Minister Talabani discusses Phase Two of the government modernization programme

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) - Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani today presided over a meeting of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s High-level Committee on the Biometric Programme to discuss phase two of registration efforts.

During the meeting, attended by the Minister of Finance and Economy, the Department of Coordination and Follow-up and Department of Information Technology presented a report on public sector redundancies and the number of employees receiving multiple salaries from the government. The report detailed that 106,839 employees are receiving more than one salary, with 16,505 cases involving the misappropriation of public funds.

The High-level Committee tasked the Ministry of Finance and Economy with suspending the salaries in question and conducting a review of employment profiles over the next month, with the opportunity to appeal the decisions.