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Statement from the Prime Minister concerning the Kurdistan Parliament passing the Reform Bill

I welcome parliament's decision today to pass the Reform Bill into law, marking a historic milestone in our journey towards a stronger Kurdistan. This Bill is central to the government’s plans to increase public trust, streamline public expenditure, and ensure a fair system for our valued public servants and brave Peshmerga forces.

After forming the cabinet last year, I established a high-level committee, comprising senior cabinet officials across the government, to review and strengthen the draft Reform Bill.

The final version provides important guarantees for all public sector employees concerning their salaries, pensions and allowances, reinforcing the principle that those who are entitled to public benefits are rewarded and protected appropriately.

The Reform Bill provides another clear demonstration of the KRG's commitment to root out corruption. It is also an important milestone on the journey towards making our civil service more modern, transparent and professional, so it delivers better services and benefits to all Kurdistanis.