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Kurdistan Region Prime Minister’s Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of Sinjar Genocide

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) – Today marks the fifth anniversary of an appalling genocide during which Islamic State terrorists overran Sinjar and its surrounding areas. The people of the region, especially our Yezidi brothers and sisters, fell victim to this heinous massacre in which thousands were abducted and many more displaced. 
Throughout history, Yezidis have endured untold massacres which all constitute genocide. Tragically, the Sinjar genocide comes as the latest in this series. Our Yezidi brethren continue to defend their religious and national identity in spite of the multiple tragedies they faced and the many sacrifices they made, and I am proud that they remain an integral component of the Kurdistani peoples. 
I also take this opportunity to commend President Masoud Barzani for his leading role on the battleground, and the huge sacrifices made by the Peshmerga forces in liberating Sinjar and the entire area from the scourge of the Islamic State terrorists. Indeed, the hospitality of the Kurdistan people to host and help their displaced Yezidi brothers and sisters has also been nothing short of remarkable. 
Today, we also welcome the Kurdistan Parliament’s designation of 3rd August as the Yezidi Genocide Remembrance Day. Together with the Iraqi Federal Government, the KRG will spare no efforts to help a safe return for the Yezidi people to their ancestral home and compensate those affected by the Sinjar genocide. We are also committed to addressing the issues pertaining to the status of Sinjar and all the disputed territories in joint efforts with the Federal Government of Iraq and within the framework of the Constitution. 
The KRG remains stalwart in its mission to find and free all Yezidis who are still missing after their abduction by IS terrorists. Moreover, we will continue working unceasingly with our partners and international organizations to designate the Sinjar massacre as genocide on an international level and ensure that we bring its perpetrators to justice. 
We pay tribute to the victims of Sinjar genocide and to all those who gave up their lives for our homeland. Their lives and sacrifices will never be forgotten.
Masrour Barzani
Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region 
3 August 2019