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KRG Statement on 124th Anniversary of Kurdish Journalism

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) - Kurdistan Regional Government issued the following statement on 124tg anniversary of Kurdish journalism:

“Today is the 124th anniversary of the inaugural issue of the first Kurdish newspaper, founded by Miqdad Madhat Badirkhan.

“In the past few years, journalism has been developing rapidly. The crucial work of journalists is to raise awareness, criticize, and comment on the work of government, and this is to be encouraged as the fundamental basis of democracy.

“That said, unfortunately, there are a number of politicians that are threatening the professionalism of journalism and democracy, which is why broader national interests are paramount.

“Kurdish journalism needs modern laws and regulations so that it is not jeopardized, with rights and responsibilities set out clearly so that freedom of expression is promoted.

“Digital media represents the majority of Kurdish journalism. The speed of the dissemination of online news is a great strength of the medium. However, this speed has sometimes resulted in a problematic lack of regard for national, social, cultural, and security aspects.

“To address this issue, the Department of Media and Information, with the help of both governmental and non-governmental institutions, have been working on setting out guidelines for journalism in the Kurdistan Region.

“We hope that everyone continues working and progressing in the field without any negative intentions, and works in favor of the rightful Kurdish cause and raise awareness in the community.

“Happy Kurdish Journalism anniversary.”

Jotiar Adil
KRG Spokesperson