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Clarification from KRG Spokesperson regarding Kirkuk oil wells

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) - The Kurdistan Regional Government denies all allegations that the KRG, with the support of the armed forces, has taken over Bay Hassan and Dawd Gurg oil fields in Kirkuk, which are operated by the North Oil Company (NOC).

It is clearly stipulated in the Iraqi Constitution that natural resources are the property of all Iraqis and not of a single company.

The North Oil Company has, for years, without the presence of an oil and gas law, working in opposition to the Constitution. If they are willing to work towards a resolution to outstanding issues, let the oil and gas law be implemented as per the Iraqi Constitution.

This campaign against the Kurdistan Region is purely political and without legal basis. Such allegations against the Kurdistan Region are completely untrue and are aimed at sowing discord and agitating against the rights of the Kurdistan Region’s oil.