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Council of Ministers discusses Public Service Council strategy

Erbil, Kurdistan Region (GOV.KRD) - The Kurdistan Region’s Council of Ministers on Wednesday held its weekly meeting led by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani.

In the first part of the meeting, the council was briefed of the Public Service Council’s strategy.

Prime Minister Barzani addressed the importance of keeping tabs on public service employees as part of the ninth cabinet’s agenda to effectively implement reforms.

As a result of the discussion, the council approved the proposed strategy and tasked the Public Service Council with facilitating the employment of postgraduates and contract employees.

In the second part of the meeting, the Minister of Municipalities and Tourism briefed his ministry’s proposal to ammend the process of renting industrial properties. The proposal stressed that business owners should be the main beneficiaries of these lands, and was approved by the council.

Then the Minister of State for Ethnic Components Affairs informed the council with a report on the state of being of Turkmen, Chaldean, Syriac, Assyrian, and Armenians, and suggested the dedication of one day titled (coexistence day) in accordance to law number 5 of 2015.

Prime Minister Barzani recalled the importance of peaceful coexistence between the different ethnic and religious components in the a Kurdistan Region and reiterated that they would do anything for the sake of encouraging peaceful coexistence.

The council then tasked the concerned ministries to put the initiative into motion, in an aim to further encourage peaceful coexistence, as the Kurdistan Region is home to all different religious and ethnic components equally.

In the last part of the meeting, the Minister of Trade and Industry briefed the council of challenges of food rations, suggesting solutions could be achieved through dialogue with the Federal government to pay the Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget in order to provide the rations on time to its recipients.

The council thanked the Minister for his latest meeting in Baghdad with the Federal Minister of Trade. The council also tasked the concerned ministries to work in accordance with the cabinet’s agenda in order to ensure food security for the Kurdistan Region’s people, and to provide a report to brief to the council.