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KRG delegation and Iraqi government officials make progress towards a mutual understanding

On Thursday, July 20, 2023, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delegation continued its meetings at the office of the President of the Council of Ministers in Baghdad.

During the meeting, the KRG delegation presented the perspectives of the KRG to the Government of Iraq, emphasising the need to safeguard the Kurdistan Region's constitutional rights, including its financial entitlements and its share of the federal budget.

Despite concerns regarding the constitutionality of certain provisions in the federal budget, the KRG delegation reaffirmed its commitment to the budget law, a commitment that was also acknowledged by the federal government during the meeting.

Additionally, both sides signed the minutes (notes) of perspective and understandings resulting from their recent discussions. The KRG delegation is expected to return to Baghdad next week for further talks.

Lastly, the KRG delegation stressed the importance of conducting an audit process to enhance transparency. The auditing of the budget provisions is scheduled to be carried out by the Federal Board of Supreme Audit and the KRG's Department of Financial Audit next week.