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Statement from the Kurdistan Regional Government

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) welcomes the letter sent by Judge Jassim Muhammad Abboud, President of the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court, in response to the KRG Prime Minister's formal inquiry. The communique rules that public employees in the Kurdistan Region, akin to the rest of Iraq, are free to choose from the participating public or private banks for receiving their salaries.

This letter from the Federal Supreme Court represents a positive and fair step, granting public sector employees the right to freely and independently choose their banks. The KRG will continue to work according to the regulations of the Central Bank of Iraq.

The participating banks in the 'My Account' initiative, known as ‘Hazhmary Mn’, are required to proceed with the registration of public sector employees within these provisions, so that all public employees in the Kurdistan Region are registered by the end of this year.

Kurdistan Regional Government
2 July 2024