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Our digital commitment

The government is committed to delivering public services that work for everybody in the
Kurdistan region. We’re determined that these should be accessible and transparent. A key
aspect of this work is transforming our digital services.

We will do this carefully - enduring transformation takes time and proper planning. Consequently,
this process will be conducted in a phased manner; the public and businesses will need time to
adjust to a new means of connecting with their government. 

Our principles

Our digital transformation strategy is based around three core principles:

  1. Customer-centric: Citizens and employees are both customers of government digital
    services. We will consult to understand their needs, and deliver services accessible
    through a range of devices.

  2. Shared Platform: A shared platform approach will reduce costs, safeguard data, and
    enhance the availability and consistency of services. Our digital transformation strategy
    will be planned centrally and delivered across ministries, ensuring cost efficiency and a
    consistent outcome.

  3. Security and Privacy: The internet can be exploited for harm. All our infrastructure and
    services will be designed with high-security built-in. This will ensure that our citizens and
    their data are safe.

What we intend to deliver in the first year

In the first-year citizens will see:

  • Establishment and construction of Government’s first T3 Data-center.
  • A single government portal allowing digital delivery of services and information to citizens, residents, visitors, and investors. 
  • Infrastructure for citizens Digital Identity. 
  • Tax system, E-notary system, E-land registry system and online company registration system
  • We will also transform the government behind the scenes, centralizing systems from payroll to
    human resources, ensuring that our civil servants can work efficiently and are accountable for
    their work.

Longer-term digital transformation will change how the government operates, making it
accessible to all, transparent and accountable. It will be a long-term journey, but we’re committed
to making it happen.