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The Kurdistan Regional Government has developed energy policies that are based on the Iraqi constitution.

+ Our overarching policies are to:

- Use natural resources wisely to benefit all the people of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

- Starting from having no hydrocarbons industry in 2005, rapidly develop a modern and competitive oil and gas sector that will become a pillar of the Kurdistan Region’s economy.

- Meet our domestic needs for energy, power, and fuel.

- Increase exports, to contribute to higher revenues for Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

- Achieve 90% localization of the oil and gas workforce by 2016.

- Put the Kurdistan Region’s natural resources wealth at the service of the people, ensuring that it contributes to social capacity and infrastructure.

+ Some of the strategies that we are using to achieve these goals are:

- Become a reliable, stable, and secure supplier of oil and gas to international markets.

- Attract experienced international companies to invest in the Kurdistan Region by offering tough but fair and highly transparent production sharing contracts.

- Work with the federal government to ensure that fair and transparent oil and gas and revenue-sharing laws for Iraq are passed as soon as possible.

- Ensure that the people of the Kurdistan Region have job opportunities in the oil and gas industry and Work with stakeholders to develop the local workforce’s skills.

- Develop downstream industries, including refining and power generation.

- Legally mandate that companies meet international petroleum industry standards of practice on the environment, and that they adhere to the Kurdistan Region’s laws to protect the environment.

- Mandate that companies make capacity-building payments to contribution to building our social capacity and infrastructure.