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Several directorates are to be established in Halabja, Raparin, and Soran

Erbil, Kurdistan Region (GOV.KRD) - The Ministry of Construction and Housing has submitted proposals to establish several different directorates in Halabja province, the independent Raparin administration, and Soran.

The decision to open a number of new directorates in these areas was made on Monday under the supervision of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Minister of Construction and Housing, Dana Abdulkareem, in response to the need for more services in these areas.

The directorates include opening the Construction Laboratory Directorate in Raparin, which was previously a branch of the construction laboratory, opening the Directorates of Roads and Construction Directorate in Soran independent administration, opening the Directorate of Reconstruction and Housing in Raparin, replacing the Halabja Construction Factory Laboratory branch with Halabja Construction Factory Directorate. A special team for roads and streets will also be set up, providing the necessary equipment for Darbandikhan and the Darbandikhan tunnel while linking the Zakho Road Maintenance and Protection Directorate with the Ministry directly.

The Ministry has also submitted requests to the Council of Ministers to open several other directorates, such as a General Directorate of Roads, Reconstruction, and Housing on the borders of Raparin as well as in Halabja.