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Project Title: Design and construction of a dual carriage way tunnel with a length of 3.6 km in the Zaxo district.

Financial source: Investors budget

Total initial cost: 158,073,198,000 Iraqi Dinar

Total final cost: 170,657,729,000 Iraqi Dinar

Construction by: LEMAK COMPANY

Starting construction date: 25/4/2013

Construction expiration date: 20/10/2015

Project completion date: 26/4/2018

Project Title: Construction of the first phase of the Khan Rostam – Sangaw road

Cost: 11,742,958 USD

Project location:  Kurdistan region of Iraq – Garmyan administration

Construction by: AMANJ COMPANY

Supervision by: Road Directorate of Garmyan administration

Construction period: 600 days

Project completion date: 29/11/2017

Project Title: Construction of 36 dwelling units with the necessary infrastructure

Cost: 1,919,968,840 Iraqi Dinars

Project location:  Kurdistan region of Iraq – Xanaqeen

Construction by: KOSHAK COMPANY

Supervision by: KRG- Ministry of Construction and Housing – Directorate of Construction and Housing of Xanaqeen

Project Content:  Construction of housing units, including sewage, water network, electricity grid and internal roads.

Construction period: 629 days

Project status: Completed