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A U.S. Army Delegation Visits the Ministry of Peshmerga

On October 17, 2023, a delegation from the United States Army, comprising the Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) and Human Resources Command (HRC), in coordination with the Security Assistance Office at the United States General Consulate in Erbil, paid a visit to the Ministry of Peshmerga's Department of Information Technology.

The delegation was welcomed by Brigadier General Bakhtiar Khudada and his deputy, Kamal Najmadin.

During the meeting, both sides engaged in discussions regarding ongoing projects within the Human Resources and Information Technology departments of the Ministry of Peshmerga.

The U.S. Army delegation reaffirmed its support for the ministry's continuous efforts to enhance these vital departments, ultimately aiming to improve the overall functionality of the Ministry of Peshmerga.