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As part of measures to prevent an outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the Kurdistan Region:

  • Resident or visitor travelling to the Kurdistan Region are advised to either bring a PCR certificate, no older than 48 hours, those without, will be required to undertake a PCR test, at their own cost, at the Kurdistan Region airports.
  • You will also need to sign a pledge form committing to 14 days self-isolation following their arrival in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
  • If they violate the pledge, they will be fined 1 Million IQD and if they test positive for the coronavirus and are found to have also infected other people, they must fund all their medical costs and will be held accountable to the law according to the Iraqi penal code, article 368-369 of amended law 111 of 1969.
  • Official delegations, business people and tourists on short stay trips are not required to self-isolate if their PCR test is negative.
Kurdistani Citizens

Kurdistani citizens will have to obey above regulations upon arrival to the airports before being allowed to enter the Kurdistan Region.

These steps are being taken to protect your health, the health of other travelers and the health of communities in the Kurdistan Region.