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The Digital Transformation Strategy of the Kurdistan Regional Government was announced in a ceremony by the Prime Minister

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) - In a ceremony attended by the Prime Minister, the first Digital Transformation Strategy of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) was unveiled. The strategy was developed by the Department of Information Technology with the valuable contribution of the United Kingdom's Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, in partnership with the Prime Minister's Office, Adam Smith International, and the United Kingdom's Government Digital Services.

Digital Transformation is one of the top priorities of the KRG’s ninth cabinet. Therefore, the KRG through the Department of Information Technology was committed to delivering KRG’s first Digital Transformation Strategy, which includes the following six Core Strategic Activities: Digital governance, Digital architecture, Human capital, User centered design, Security & Data privacy, and Procurement. In addition, leadership and strategy are essential for a successful digital transformation of the government. 

The strategy is foundational to the achievement of the KRG’s vision, and its primary objective is to make the KRG a GovTech powerhouse by 2025 and one of the region's leading digital governments. It ensures services are simple to use, easy to find and quick to complete. It is designed to eliminate bureaucracy and enhance the efficiency of institutions in serving the public’s best interest through the adoption of modern technology.

Senior government officials, diplomats, NGOs, local businesses, and entrepreneurs from across the region attended the ceremony to learn about the significance of digital transformation and the KRG's Digital Transformation Strategy. 

At the occasion, the Prime Minister delivered a speech and expressed his gratitude to the KRG’s Department of Information Technology for developing the strategy and for their continuous work in the digital transformation process. The Digital Transformation Strategy is part of the Kurdistan Regional Government's reform efforts in the digital sector to become more efficient, transparent, and accountable in the delivery of public services, as stated by His Excellency.