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The Department of Information Technology Launches the Citizen Complaint System (CCS)

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) proudly announces the launch of the Citizen Complaint System (CCS), an online portal that allows citizens to easily submit complaints and receive feedback from government entities.

The CCS is designed to bring citizens closer to their government by minimizing the gap between citizens and government entities, enhancing citizen satisfaction, and facilitating improvements across government institutions. The system facilitates citizen feedback and aligns with the World Bank's criteria for measuring GovTech maturity in any country, including the citizen engagement mechanism. The concept and planning of the project were executed in coordination with the Council of Ministers, and the system is developed entirely in-house by the DIT.

The CCS is a powerful tool that helps the KRG organize complaints, provide visibility of weaknesses, and prioritize solutions. The system allows citizens to submit complaints against government services or individuals working at the government and routes complaints straight to the relevant government bodies. It is worth mentioning that citizen data is kept secure and confidential.

To submit a complaint, citizens must be at least 18 years old, hold citizenship of the country, and supply essential information about themselves. Complaints can be filed by providing personal information, attaching any necessary documents, indicating the concerned entity, and providing a detailed complaint description. Additionally, it is necessary to verify your email or phone number to receive notifications regarding the status of your complaint.

Upon successful submission of the complaint, citizens will receive an email or SMS containing a verification code, which they can use to authenticate the complaint. Furthermore, citizens can track the status of their complaints and get the result of their complaints using their registered email or phone number along with the assigned complaint code. 

"The CCS is an important service that is now digitalized. It is a vital tool for the government and its citizens because it allows citizens to have their voice heard," said the Prime Minister. "It is my Cabinet's priority to grant our citizens access to simpler, faster, and more transparent service."

The CCS is now live and available for use by citizens. For more information or to file a complaint, visit