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Introducing the UPN: Your Digital Identity for Seamless Access


Discover the Unique Personal Number (UPN)

The Unique Personal Number (UPN) stands as a 13-digit exclusive identifier meticulously assigned to every individual within the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. This sophisticated digital key serves as your gateway to plenty of digital services offered by the Kurdistan Regional Government.


Confidentiality with Convenience

The UPN is a private, yet not concealed, identifier. While safeguarding your privacy, we strongly advise against sharing it, except with duly authorized government personnel. These officials are equipped to leverage your UPN to facilitate the swift and efficient delivery of the services you seek.


Acquiring Your UPN Made Effortless

To make sure getting your UPN is hassle-free. Simply follow these steps to obtain yours:

  • Visit any of the designated Digital Identity Registration Stations provided below.
  • Ensure to carry the following documents:
    • National ID or Passport.
    • Residency card and passport for foreigners.


Your UPN Awaits

Please be aware that procuring your Unique Personal Number necessitates an in-person visit to one of our Digital Identity Registration stations. This ensures a secure and seamless process as we equip you with your digital identity for a connected future.


Digital Identity Registration Stations List
1 Digital Identity Registration Italian Village 1, Erbil Click Here
2 Bawaji Bank - Koysinjaq City Center, Sarbaskan Street, Koysinjaq Click Here
3 Azadi Bank, Soran Sharawani Street, Soran Click Here
4 Federal Bank - Erbil 30m Street opposite to the Jimhuri School, Erbil Click Here
5 Bahrika Bank, Erbil Bahirka Main Road, Erbil Click Here
6 Solav Bank, Amedi Amedi Click Here
7 Khapur Bank, Zaxo Zaxo Click Here
8 Pirs Bank , Akre Next to the Akre Treasury, Akre Click Here
9 Malta Bank, Duhok Malta Neighborhood, Duhok Click Here
10 Dumiz Bank, Simil Close to the Traffic Police Directorate of Duhok, Dumiz Compound, Duhok Click Here
11 Chamchamal Bank Next the Chamchamal Traffic Police Directorate, Opposite to the Chamchamal Public Library, Chamchamal Click Here
12 Rania Bank City Center, Ranya Click Here
13 Halabja Bank Opposite to the Halabja Municipality, Halabja Click Here
14 Tuimalik Bank, Sulaimani Opposite to the Daik park, Sulaimani Click Here
15 Baxan Bank, Sulaimani Kurdsat Neighborhood, Opposite to the Nawa Radio, Sulaimani Click Here
16 Garmian Bank, Kalar Kalar Click Here