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This is to empower women and girls, promote their active participation in building lasting peace, supporting stability, actively contributing to the economic, social, political and cultural development of the region, and to help eliminate all forms of gender-based discrimination, and to protect the society from the dangers of conflict and terrorism.

Enhancing women’s participation in political and public life, including negotiation and peacebuilding, and ensuring their access to decision-making positions.

Strategic Actions:

- Develop the skills and abilities of women and girls in leadership and participation in every area and at every level.

- Increase the participation of women in leading positions in all authorities, bodies, and councils, in both; public and private sectors.

Integrate gender principles and approaches into national legislations, policies, plans, programs and budgets.

Strategic Actions:

- Work on laws and regulations to be consistent with the principles of the Constitution, international and regional treaties, and conventions on human rights, in order to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and girls.

- Develop national plans to promote gender equality in all areas with a budget for their implementation.

Promote a supportive environment for economic, social and cultural empowerment and development of women.

Strategic Actions:

- Work to follow-up on the implementation of the action plans of the National Strategy for the Development of the Status of Women: 2016-2026.

- Follow-up the implementation of the action plans of the National Strategy to Combat Violence Against Women in Kurdistan: 2017-2027.

- Follow-up on the implementation of the National Action Plan for the Implementation of Resolution 1325.

- Work to eliminate stereotypes of women and girls, and promote their value and roles in the society.

Strengthen institutional support for HCWA, and all structures and organizations working in the area of empowerment and protection of women and girls.

Strategic Procedures:

- Ensure the sustainability of HCWA and develop its institutional, administrative and financial capacities.

- Promote gender equality units in all ministries and governorates of the Region, as help develop and maintain sustainable centres for gender studies in all universities of the region.