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Statement from the Ministry of Interior regarding the PKK attacks on Peshmerga forces

In an attempt to destabilise the security and stability of the Kurdistan Region this past week, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has launched several attacks on the Peshmerga and Security Forces in the Kurdistan Region, resulting in martyring of six Peshmerga soldiers and the wounding of several others

New directives by KRG Ministry of Interior to curb COVID-19 pandemic

The Kurdistan Region’s High Committee for Combating COVID-19 has issued the following directives as part of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s ongoing efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus in the region

Statement from the Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Interior

A preliminary investigation into the cause of an explosion Wednesday night around the area of the Erbil International Airport has revealed an attack was carried out by a TNT drone, directed at coalition forces. There were fortunately no casualties and only material damage done to one of the buildings on the coalition base.