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Head of OCIA participated in a meeting between KRG, NCC and UNITAD

KRG Coordinator represented KRG in a trilateral meeting between Kurdistan, NCC and UNITAD. They placed focus on fostering efforts to prosecute ISIL for core international crimes. 

Head of OCIA held a press conference to highlight the latest international reports

KRG Coordinator held a press conference and highlighted the findings and clarifications of the latest international reports on the Kurdistan Region

Head of OCIA delivered a speech in an event dedicated to return the remaining Yezidis

KRG Coordinator represented the National Coordination Committee (NCC) and the KRG in an outreach event organized by UNITAD 

Head of OCIA chaired a meeting about the regional plan for Human Rights

KRG Coordinator chaired a meeting about the Regional Plan for Human Rights. Representatives from government, civil society and UN were present. 

Head of OCIA and UNITAD discussed the progress in digitizing evidence of ISIS crimes

Dr. Dindar Zebari met UNITAD's Digitization Team to underline the progress made in digitizing the records of ISIL 

Head of OCIA participated in a National Coordination Committee (NCC) meeting in Baghdad

Dr. Dindar Zebari participated in a National Coordination Committee (NCC) meeting held in the Iraqi Foreign Ministry 

Head of OCIA delivered the opening remarks of a workshop about Freedom of Expression

Dr. Dindar Zebari presented the opening remarks of the two-day Freedom of Expression Workshop organized by UNAMI and the KRG Office of the Coordinator for International Advocacy (OCIA).

KRG Coordinator and the Head of UNAMI HRO Shed Lights on the Status of Human Rights in the Kurdistan Region

Dr. Dindar Zebari received the Head of UNAMI HRO in Erbil, Mr. Noel Kututwa to discuss human rights status in the Kurdistan Region

KRG Coordinator for International Advocacy Welcomed the Iraqi Minister of Justice

Dr. Dindar Zebari welcomed the Minister of Justice in the Federal Government. They discussed work mechanisms of Iraqi National Board of Human Rights, chaired by the Minister of Justice.