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KRG Delegation meets MENAD and Gender Team in the UK Foreign Office in London

The KRG Delegation met Ivan Parks, the Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department (MENAD) and Rosy Cave, the Head of Gender Unit.

KRG Coordinator and HRW’s UK Office Director Discuss Areas of Mutual Interest

Yasmeen Ahmad and Dr. Dindar Zebari alluded to the cooperation between HRW and KRG Office of the Coordinator for international Advocacy in terms of information and site access facilitation to the former’s team.

KRG Delegation Discusses the Agonies of the Yezidis with Foreign Delegates in London

The conference is a good opportunity for to convey a clear picture of the heinous crimes committed against the Yazidis and other communities in Iraq to the international community and the NGOs

The KRG Coordinator and UK Prime Minister's Representative for Freedom of Religious Beliefs met in London

Ms. Fiona Bruce praised KRG’s exceptional performance in the matter of religious freedoms and stressed that this success has to be addressed in international platforms.

KRG Delegation meets with UK Prime Minister's Representative for Gender Equality

The UK Prime Minister's Representative for Gender Equality commended KRG’s efforts in promoting gender equality. Both sides reaffirmed partnership and collaboration.

ICRC Continues its Support to Advance the Implementation of the Regional

 ICRC has been assistive in the Regional Plan through playing an advisory role in enhancing prison management, combating enforced disappearance and applying International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Human Rights Law (IHRL) in domestic laws.

Head of OCIA meets with a delegation from the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearance

KRG Coordinator discussed the efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government to rescue the Yazidi hostages who have been kidnapped by ISIL terrorists

In Geneva the KRG Coordinator for International Advocacy Sheds Light on the Efforts to Rescue the Kidnapped from the Hands of ISIS Terrorists

Dr. Dindar Zebari gave a speech in which he referred to the process of implementing and following up the region’s plan for human rights at the international level, since enforced disappearance is among the areas included in the plan

Head of OCIA Delivered a Speech at Case-building and Capacity Development Initiative Workshop

 The workshop started with the presence of the President of KR Judicial Council the Deputy Head of Public Prosecution, and the Special Advisor and Head of UNITAD. 

OCIA and FCDO discuss Religious Freedoms within the Regional Plan for Human Rights

Representatives of various religious beliefs were present.