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KRG participates in a meeting to investigate ISIS financial sources in Berlin

KRG Coordinator for International Advocacy participates in a meeting to identify and deplete ISIS's financial resources

Preliminary Clarifications on the 2021 US Department of State’s Country Report on Human Rights Practices

KRG Office of the Coordinator for International Advocacy shares a preliminary clarification on Department of State's annual report on human rights practices 

OCIA Chaired a Workshop on Improving Prison Management

KRG Office of the Coordinator holds a workshop on improving prison management system in coordination with the Prisoners of Justice Network

Head of OCIA Supervised the First Workshop on the Implementation of Regional Plan

KRG Coordinator for International Advocacy supervised the first workshop to implement Kurdistan Regional Plan for Human Rights, arranged in cooperation with Heartland Alliances

Denunciation and Condemnation of the Missile Attack on Erbil

The missile attack on populated areas in the city of Erbil at dawn on the 13th of this month is considered an attack on the lives and security of the citizens of the Kurdistan Region and the sovereignty of Iraq

Head of OCIA met with INGOs regarding the Regional Plan for Human Rights

Dr. Dindar Zebari chaired the first meeting with the INGOs about framing mechanisms to monitor the implementation of the KR Regional Plan. 

Head of OCIA Discussed KRG's Regional Plan for Human Rights with UN Agencies

Dr. Dindar Zebari received representatives from UNAMI, UNFPA and UNICEF to illustrate the regional plan and to underline areas of cooperation in enhancing the mechanisms of implementation.

KRG delegation attends Arab Charter of Human Rights meeting in Cairo

The Arab League's meetings on the Arab Charter of Human Rights on Iraq's adherence to the charter was held today in Cairo and will continue tomorrow. The KRG delegation is present and it consists of experts of international laws and treaties.

Head of OCIA participated in a meeting between KRG, NCC and UNITAD

KRG Coordinator represented KRG in a trilateral meeting between Kurdistan, NCC and UNITAD. They placed focus on fostering efforts to prosecute ISIL for core international crimes. 

Head of OCIA held a press conference to highlight the latest international reports

KRG Coordinator held a press conference and highlighted the findings and clarifications of the latest international reports on the Kurdistan Region