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KRG Delegation meets MENAD and Gender Team in the UK Foreign Office in London

Erbil, Kurdistan Region (GOV.KRD) - Following the conclusion of the International Conference on the Prevention of Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative (PSVI) in London, the KRG delegation which is membered by Dr. Dindar Zebari the KRG Coordinator for International Advocacy and accompanied by Karwan Jamal Tahir, the KRG High Representative to the United Kingdom and Dr. Khanzad Ahmad the Secretary-General of the High Council of Women and Development, was invited to the UK Foreign Commonwealth, Development Office (FCDO) premises to meet Ivan Parks, the Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department (MENAD) and Rosy Cave, the Head of Gender Unit. 

The KRG delegation acknowledged the FCDO teams for inviting them to the above-mentioned conference and stated that it could be a milestone for significant and everlasting changes. 

As far as the meeting with the MENAD team is concerned, the KRG delegation raised the subject of the Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution – which determines the fate of the disputed areas between the federal government and the regional government. Its implementation is a stepping rock for coexistence, national reconciliation, security and stability; promoting transitional justice measures that enable the realization of the right to truth and compensation for victims as well as accountability for those responsible for violating human rights and international humanitarian law; and taking further steps to promote the full and meaningful participation of women.

Furthermore, the KRG delegation highlighted the latest updates of the engagements with the United Nations Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes Committed by Da’sh (UNITAD). The delegation stated that the KRG reiterates its unwavering commitment to bring justice to ISIS victims. To aid UNITAD in processing the evidence needed for the prosecutions, KRG agencies have given a wide range of evidence and information on ISIS leadership members and finance sources. UNITAD has also been provided access to all evidentiary archives related to ISIS crimes that have been gathered and retained by the KRG as part of the digitization initiative, which coincides with Iraq's compliance with UN Security Council Resolution No 2379 to prosecute ISIS for international crimes.

After meeting with the Deputy Director of MENAD, the KRG delegation made fruitful discussion with the Head of Gender Unit. First, they congratulated Rosy Cave for being appointed the new UK Consul General in Erbil and wished her success for the new tenure. The Head of Gender Unit told the KRG delegation that FCDO will intensify its support to enhance the calibers of gender equality in the Kurdistan Region and other gender-related subjects through conducting a series of workshops and technical trainings.