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Head of OCIA Delivered a Speech at Case-building and Capacity Development Initiative Workshop

Head of the Office of KRG's Coordinator for International Advocacy, Dr. Dindar Zebari on Sunday delivered a speech at the case building and capacity development Initiative workshop for the prosecution of so-called Islamic State (ISIS) suspects.

The Workshop was organised by The United Nations Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes Committed by Da’esh/ISIL (UNITAD), and attended by President of Kurdistan Region's Judicial Council, Judge Abdul-Jabbar Hassan, Deputy Head of Public Prosecution, Suham Abdul-Qadder, and Special Advisor of UNITAD. 

KRG Coordinator stressed the importance of bringing justice to all the victims of ISIS atrocities and prosecuting ISIS suspects in accordance with the international law.  He added that the Peshmerga forces jointly with the Coalition forces and the Iraqi Army defeated the world’s most brutal terrorist organisation. Kurdistan Region has been a haven for over 1 million refugees and internally displaced people.
There are still hundreds of foreign and local ISIS detainees in the Kurdistan Region's custody. These cases need to be dealt with according to the international laws.

During his speech the Special Advisor of UNITAD highlighted that this initiative represents a key milestone in the pursuit of justice for victims of ISIS, and it advances UNITAD’s collective effort to hold the terrorists accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide

Since 2018, UNITAD has worked to bring legal and technical expertise to Iraq, and deploy advanced technological solutions in the implementation of its mandate. The expertise, and the groundwork that has been laid, now must be used to further contribute towards a detailed and factual presentation of Da’esh atrocities in fair and transparent criminal proceedings.

The President of the Kurdistan Region's Judicial Council stated that this will be an opportunity for state members of the US-led coalition forces to provide assistance to Iraq and local authorities here in Kurdistan Region and to compensate them in the future.

The workshop will last for three days and it will be an important step for the process of prosecuting ISIS terrorists.