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News and Announcements

The head of the DFR meets Consul General of Kuwait in Erbil

At the meeting, the two sides focused on bilateral relations and the development of their relationship in the future. Meanwhile, the Consul General thanked the DFR and the Kurdistan Regional Government for their cooperation with the Kuwaiti Consulate.

Head of the DFR delivers his condolences to the Japanese Consulate Office

The head of the DFR conveyed the condolences and sympathy of the people and the Kurdistan Regional Government to the families of the deceased, the people and the Japanese government at this difficult and grieving time.

Head of DFR receives an Austrian delegation

They highlighted the political, humanitarian situation, fate and situation of refugees in the Kurdistan Region. Meanwhile, water and weather crises and discussions on how Europe can help Kurdistan Region to challenge environmental crises were other topics of the meeting.

Head of DFR meets Consul General of the Russian Federation

At the meeting, they both focused on bilateral relations between the Kurdistan Region and Russia. Meanwhile, both sides hoped for an early end wars and conflicts around the world in the near future.

Head of DFR meets Turkish Consul General in Erbil

The meeting highlighted the current political situation in the region and the area, the issue of the formation of the future Iraqi government, and agreed to establish real democracy in the area.

Head of DFR meets the Director of the Middle East at USIP

At the meeting, they highlighted the institute's activities and projects and a number of issues related to Iraq and the region. The two sides focused the importance of rebuilding trust between Iraq's various components.

Head of DFR meets with Indian delegation

Members of the trade and industry delegation scheduled to meet with the relevant authorities in the Kurdistan Region to invest and trade in the sectors of agriculture, energy, industry, irrigation and household goods.

Head of DFR meets representative of WFP in Iraq

A representative of the WFP thanked the KRG for any assistance and facilitation to implement their projects in the Kurdistan Region. Meanwhile, he presented the organization's latest projects and activities, particularly in the field of agriculture.

Head of DFR meets US Consul General in the Kurdistan Region

The meeting highlighted the friendly relations between the United States and the Kurdistan Region and the latest developments in the political, economic and security issues in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Head of DFR receives outgoing Belgian Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq

Minister Dizayee thanked the Belgian Ambassador Bulcke for years of joint work and his contributions to further strengthening the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Belgium, and wished him good luck with his future endeavors.