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Kurdistan Region and Republic of Armenia strengthen diplomatic ties

For the 2nd year, the Government of the Republic of Armenia offered diplomatic training opportunities to the civil servants of the Kurdistan Region, which were the first such course to develop their diplomatic skills and knowledge.

The acting Head of DFR meets with a Bulgarian delegation

The meeting highlighted the political situation in Iraq and the region and the latest political developments, and they both agreed to find a peaceful solution to establish democracy and peaceful coexistence.

Deputy Head of the DFR meets with Consul General of Armenia

They both discussed the current economic situation in the Kurdistan Region and bilateral relations and friendships, in which they agreed on their development. Meanwhile, trade and investment between the Kurdistan Region and Armenia were another topic of their meeting.

Deputy Head of the DFR meets with Head of Canada Embassy Office in Erbil

The meeting highlighted the latest political developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq and the ongoing reform process to improve the democratic process in the region.

Deputy Head of the DFR meets Consul General of Netherlands

Both sides highlighted the importance of continued bilateral relations. They exchanged views on the current political crisis in Baghdad, the process of reformation of the government, climate change and its impact on the lack of water and desertification in KRI and Iraq. 

Head of DFR meets German General Consul in Erbil

At the meeting, the Head of DFR exchanged views with the German Consul General on current political issues, as well as the level of bilateral relations and issues related to the work and activities of the German Consulate General in the Kurdistan Region.

The head of the DFR meets Consul General of Kuwait in Erbil

At the meeting, the two sides focused on bilateral relations and the development of their relationship in the future. Meanwhile, the Consul General thanked the DFR and the Kurdistan Regional Government for their cooperation with the Kuwaiti Consulate.

Head of the DFR delivers his condolences to the Japanese Consulate Office

The head of the DFR conveyed the condolences and sympathy of the people and the Kurdistan Regional Government to the families of the deceased, the people and the Japanese government at this difficult and grieving time.