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Head of DFR meets US Consul General in the Kurdistan Region

The meeting highlighted the friendly relations between the United States and the Kurdistan Region and the latest developments in the political, economic and security issues in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Head of DFR receives outgoing Belgian Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq

Minister Dizayee thanked the Belgian Ambassador Bulcke for years of joint work and his contributions to further strengthening the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Belgium, and wished him good luck with his future endeavors.

Head of DFR receives Iraqi Head of Human Rights Directorate

Minister Dizayee stressed the importance of strengthening the rule of law, promoting democracy, peace, and mutual cooperation on such key fields.

Minister Safeen Dizayee received the Sudanese Ambassador to Iraq

At the meeting, in addition to political issues, the general situation in Iraq and the KR and the opportunities for improving bilateral relations were discussed, and the two sides agreed to further develop their relations in the future. 

Minister Safeen Dizayee meets the Bangladeshi Ambassador to Iraq

The meeting highlighted the political issues in Iraq and the KR and the issue of future Iraqi government formation. Meanwhile, both sides exchanged views on joint cooperation in the fields of culture and business...

Minister Safeen Dizayee receives outgoing Philippines Ambassador to Iraq

Head of DFR highly valued the contributions and valuable work of the Philippines Ambassador Calonge in strengthening the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq with his country, and wished him success in his future missions.

A necessary clarification from the KRG’s Representative in UK

The KRG’s Representative in UK considers it necessary to announce that the KRG does not have any agreement with UK’s government to forcibly return our people.

Safeen Dizayee receives the British Consul General in Erbil

At the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relationship between both sides and the desire for further development and the recent significant visit of prime minister Masrour Barzani to London.

Minister Safeen Dizayee welcomed the Swiss Ambassador in Iraq and Jordan

At the meeting, they discussed the latest developments in Iraq's political issue, the issue of forming the new cabinet of the Iraqi government. Meanwhile, the friendship between the KRI and the Federal Republic of Switzerland has been highlighted.

PM Masrour Barzani meets Dutch Minister of Justice and Security

The threats of terrorism and the importance of continued military support for the Peshmerga and the support and assistance of ISIS victims were the important topics of their meeting and were discussed with important interest.