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Statement by KRG Spokesperson regarding the government projects in Halabja province

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has approved several important service projects being carried out in the Halabja Province, including infrastructure development. A number of these projects are implemented by ministries of the Halabja governorate.

Statement by the KRG Spokesperson

The Kurdistan Regional Government has been forthcoming with all information related to revenues, oil and non-oil expenditures, and the biometric records of the Kurdistan Region’s public employees with the government in Baghdad.

Statement by Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the attack on MP Ghalib Mohammed

The Kurdistan Regional Government strongly condemns the attack on member of Iraqi parliament, Ghalib Mohammad in Slemani city today.

Kurdistan Regional Government Spokesperson visits Minister of Electricity

Spokesperson of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Dr. Jotiar Adil, on Monday visited the Minister of Electricity, Kamal Salih, to discuss the Ministry’s ongoing projects to improve the delivery of public services.

Head of Government Media and Information Department addresses response to worsening pandemic with local partners

Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Department of Media and Information, Dr. Jotiar Adil, on Tuesday met with representatives from local media outlets to establish an effective mechanism for distributing fast and accurate information regarding the pandemic and promote public awareness of the coronavirus official health guidelines.