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This is not possible for the first-year students. During subsequent years, successful students may submit their request for consideration.

Those who are holding Bachelor’s degrees and their average score is not less than 65%

You can submit your application to the Directorate of Academic Relations in the University in which you graduated or the Vice-President’s Office in cases where there is no Directorate of Academic Relations.

Students are responsible to secure their own placements at one of the universities provided on the Ministry of Higher Education website.

Both conditional and unconditional offers are accepted.

Yes, the program will cover the language courses up to six months of training.

The English language courses are only required for those universities in which the language of study is English.

Yes. The Ministry of Higher Education will provide the necessary letter of financial guarantee as needed.

For those applicants who are applying for the graduate degrees, the
following guidelines pertain:

Applicants for the Master's Degree should hold the Bachelor’s degree;
Applicants for the Ph.D. should hold the Bachelor’s or the Master’s degree;
The applicant should hold a certificate from an institution recognized
by the Ministry of Higher Education;
The applicant’s average grade point for the Bachelor’s degree should
not be less than 65% or they should be in the first quarter of their
graduation class;
The applicant’s age should not be over 35 years for the Master’s
degree and 40 years for the Ph.D. degree.

The Ministry of Higher Education will nominate the universities which will be considered for the program. Generally, universities from the following countries will be included in the program: US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Scandinavian countries, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, China, India, Korea, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt.

For up-to-date information please check the Kurdish section of MHE web site on regular bases.