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UK Foreign Office and OCIA Held a Workshop on GBV and Women’s role in Politics

The focus was mainly on sexual and gender-based violence, conflict and gender, and political participation of women.

KRG Heeds the Findings of the State Department's Report on Human Trafficking

On July 19, 2022, the U.S. State Department released its annual report on the issue of human trafficking. According to the report, the region remains persistent to prevent human trafficking.

The OCIA responds to US Department of State's Report on Human Rights Practices

The purpose of the press conference was to highlight the content of the US State Department's Annual report Human Rights Practices in Iraq for 2021, as well as presenting the government's practical steps regarding its observations

Head of OCIA participated in a Panel on Drugs and Narcotics

The Coordination Network of Organizations organized a series of panels with the participation of government and organizational officials and representatives. The panel focused on combating drugs and psychotropic substances.

Head of OCIA meets with UNITAD’s Special Advisor

Both the KRG Coordinator and UNITAD’s Special Advisor expressed gratitude for the timely accomplishment of the requirements that underpin the legal basis for holding ISIS terrorists accountable for committing the core crimes under international law